Our Story

Chapter 1.
Planting Seeds

Our story starts back in 2010 when our young founders Rose Brown & John Tierney opened a small cosmetics store in their hometown Birmingham, UK.

“We were 19 and 21 when we started playing with the idea of creating a business selling beauty products. We got the keys to our first store on Rose’s 20th birthday, and celebrated while clearing out old shop fittings and re-painting the signage.

We started selling other brands and through our experiences in store and speaking to our customers we soon realized we could do much better. We became aware of the toxic load on our bodies caused by harmful and unethical ingredients found in everyday beauty products, including petrochemicals, parabens, carcinogens, irritants and animal-derivatives.

We saw first-hand how products made with the right natural ingredients had the power to positively transform skin. We learnt how important it is to question what we are putting on and into our bodies, so that we can do better by ourselves, animals and the planet.

Within 2 years we formulated, designed & crafted our own range of all-natural, handmade and vegan beauty products, devoid of harsh alcohols and harmful chemicals. It marked a transformative milestone in our journey that has shaped our lives ever since.

Chapter 2.
Teddy's Story


Thanks to Teddy, we discovered a remarkable charity who were instrumental in securing his passport and facilitating his journey home. Koh Samui Dog & Cat Rescue do incredible working treating, neutering, vaccinating and de-worming the street dogs & cats in Koh Samui, Thailand. Over 25 years they have helped countless injured and wounded animals with life saving medication and surgery and they organise feeding projects at local temples. In gratitude for the work they do, Love Ethical Beauty recently made a £1000 donation to support their work. Find out more about Koh Samui Dog & Cat Rescue here.

To our Love Tribe, whose support fuels our mission: you’ve helped us create a haven for rebels like Teddy, and impacted the lives of countless other animals in need. You are also saving lives every day by choosing Cruelty Free & Vegan beauty products. Together, we are making a tangible difference. Stay connected with us as we continue to grow the Love Tribe—we rely on your continued support to make our vision of a kinder world a reality.

In the summer of 2012, after years of refining our handcrafted formulas, we proudly launched our first brand and pioneered the first retail stores dedicated to natural, vegan and alcohol-free beauty products. Our distinct offering caught the attention of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world who wanted to partner with us. Across Asia and Europe, we swiftly expanded, setting up franchise stores in eight countries and making history as the youngest franchise brand owners ever. It was an exhilarating time for us.

Then, in 2015, while on a trip to Malaysia to visit a new franchise store, fate led us on an unexpected detour to Thailand and there, something magic happened.

Enter Teddy Bear, a creature of myth and mystery, with a mischievous streak to boot. Picture this: one morning, as we sat down for breakfast, this lovable rogue appeared under our table; hot, hungry and unbeknown to us sporting some battle scars. He had an undeniable, magnetic charm. Before we knew it, Teddy became our constant companion, following us everywhere we went and making himself at home in our bungalow, right in front of the air con. It wasn’t long before we we were looking for a way to get him off the streets of Koh Samui and to his furever home with us in sacred Albion.

The origins of Teddy’s journey remain a mystery. Whether he hailed from the shores of Koh Samui or came from a puppy market in Bangkok before finding himself out on the streets, we may never know. His destiny was to be the catalyst that inspired us to create “Teddy Bear’s Forever Home for Rebels and Rascals,” our mini-sanctuary where he lives with his adopted doggy siblings, two sisters and a little brother all lovingly re-homed from our Charity Partners in Bulgaria. We aim to rescue more animals in the years to come, with your help.