Do you love natural & ethical beauty?

If you’re looking for beauty products that will make your skin look and feel amazing while doing some good for the world around you, you’re in the right place.

We hand-craft honest, sustainable and fairly priced beauty essentials using safe, natural & organic ingredients at our family run facility on England’s South Coast.

After transforming our own lives through holistic wellness, we founded Love Ethical Beauty to spread our passion for natural & organic beauty products, and to show that the beauty industry can do better.

Everything we create is made to the highest ethical standards by our team of natural beauty experts, infused with a huge dose of love and a deep respect for humans and nature.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our artisanal creations are blended in bite-size batches and while they will last a long time, they are sent to you incredibly fresh which we believe is best.

Pure + Effective

It’s time for skincare companies to cut the crap. Harsh chemicals, cheap fillers, petrochemicals, parabens and animal derivatives should have no place in our skin care and self-care routines.

When we make beauty products we leave out toxic synthetics, animal cruelty, harsh alcohols and palm oil, so your skin gets more of the good stuff it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Our range is 100% natural, organic, cruelty free and alcohol free. Our conscious creations blend organic superfoods with advanced skin care actives that promise to be effective for your skin.

What’s more, they smell absolutely amazing! That’s because they’re blended with the highest quality essential oils by our expert perfumer.

Human-kind has always relied on plants to improve our skin and health. We’re tapping back into this wisdom. Let our therapeutic skincare creations reconnect you with the powers of nature in your everyday life.

Made with Love

All our formulas are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Our company is founded by 2 passionate vegans with 25 years combined experience creating pioneering vegan beauty brands & formulas. You can read a little more about how they started out here.

All products are independently audited by The Vegan Society UK, the gold standard in Vegan Certification. We do not test on animals and we strongly oppose animal testing. We do not allow third parties to test our products on animals for any reason. All products are approved Cruelty Free under the Leaping Bunny program.

We operate a Fixed Cut Off Date policy. All ingredients and raw materials are sourced from companies who support our ethical stance and our supplier monitoring system is independently audited.

We manufacture all our skincare formulas by hand here in the UK. Our natural & organic makeup is made in Canada.

Sharing the love

We donate 20% of profit to grass roots charities that we have personally connected with, visited or adopted from.
Our current charity partner is Street Hearts BG, who rescue and provide incredible care for dogs and cats: Street Hearts Website / Street Hearts Instagram
Street Hearts was started by an English couple from Yorkshire who moved to rural Bulgaria. They were shocked and saddened by the vast number of poorly treated, suffering street dogs they saw there and decided to do something to help. What they have achieved through their love and dedication is extraordinary. Take a look at their instagram page (linked above) to see for yourself the incredible work they are doing.

Guess what?
 Our founders have taken in three abandoned pups from them and they are the most adorable souls in the world! This charity and the work they do has touched our hearts profoundly. We donate to them on a regular basis whilst raising awareness and campaigning to find new homes for the beautiful animals in the care of the Street Hearts team.

Feeling the love? Should you be inspired to rescue a pup, Love Ethical Beauty will sponsor your full adoption fee to Street Hearts upon you passing their application & vetting process. We want to help people to help these sweet souls find a warm, loving home! Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our upcoming Instagram page for regular updates and opportunities to get involved and find these pups a furever home! Interested to find out more? Email us at [email protected]